Why don't you have a share/tweet/pin/[name your service] button on a post's page?


What is this?

I'm a huge fan of Brett Terpstra's application Marked. It lets you easily render markdown files on your desktop that look great. I want this site to do that same, but on the web where the result can be easily shared.

Can't I just render a markdown file and share it?

Sure. I wanted a way to share my notes without having to create a PDF or HTML file, then upload it to the cloud. Posts shared here are also responsive, so look good when mom (hi mom!) is viewing them on her phone.

Doesn't a Gist do the same thing?

Sure, have a nice day.

Why is this built in Drupal?

Because I'm a Drupal consultant.

Is Drupal the best tool to build a site like this?

Maybe not. I'm a big fan of using the right tool for the right job. I wanted to accomplish 2 things when building this site -

  • build a working prototype in about 2 hours
  • demonstrate how Drupal can be used for things other then a traditional content website

I think it would be an easy argument to say another framework would be a better fit for a simple and lean service. But I'd challenge you to demonstrate quickly building this using your framework of choice. Future expansion of this project should be very easy, including some of the ideas below.

Can I make a private post?

Not yet, but I am planning to build the ability to have a hashed url (such as how Dropbox shares a file).

How can I edit a post?

You can't. To keep things simple, this site does not support logging in to an account (partially because I don't want to pay for an SSL certificate at the moment). I will probably allow Twitter authentication in the future, which would allow a user to manage their posts.

How can I request a post be removed?

See the Contact page.

What is your Acceptable Use Policy?

Please do not post any personal information (or PII. Do not aggressively spider this site.

Examples of what NOT to post:

  • anything you don't want public
  • email lists
  • login details
  • password lists
  • personal information / data
  • financial information
  • pornographic information / data
  • spam links (this includes promoting your own site)

If you do not comply with our Acceptable Use Policy we might ban your IP address from the website. Also, your IP address might be shared with authorities.